Sunday, August 04, 2002

The past two weeks have been crazy...I have managed to make a jackass out of myself at Buffalo Mo's in Fredericksburg thanks in part to my best friend, Teresa. We provoke each other all the time. The funniest thing at Denny's happened...the waiter came up to me and asked what I wanted to being pretty much wasted didnt know that he was waiter and I told him "I dont need anything else to drink tonight" and then he commented that he was a was probably had to be there. I finally finished moving out of my apartment. Last night I did the bar tour with Pat and Scarlet in's always fun going there and seeing old friends. We went to Buffalo Mo's and I was talking to this guy from a band, Poncho who wants me to come to their shows in RIchmond and Fairfax. I helped Edenpark get another potential customer for their button making business. While we were leaving Buffalo Mo's I proclaimed my love for Poncho....of course Pat being sensible reminded me that I have only known him for 5 minutes. We then went to Spirits...I love spirits..nothing really exciting happened there. I saw Randy who I thought was dead. The door man always gives me a weird look...I think he thinks I'm this big player because some guy and I are always causing trouble there. I'm suppose to be at Jimmy Fallon tonight but he's sold out...I'm not that disappointed because I'm pretty tired from last night.