Tuesday, August 13, 2002

So I didnt hang out with Teresa because we kept playing phone tag...but anyhow I'm glad I didnt because they watched "Sign" and yes I hate to admit this but I'm scared of two things in life 1. Ghosts 2. Alien Aductions (I can hear you laughing now...so you can stop) I'm disappointed I missed Sorority Life because I was talking to Teresa about middle school crushes....we always make fun of each other because of the guys we liked...I have always had a thing for white trash but she likes nerds with baby faces. We end up going back and forth....but in hind sight both of our taste in guys is pretty bad. But even with bad taste I will always remember 2 guys fighting over me in 8th grade....why doesnt that happen now.

Monday, August 12, 2002

This weekend was crazy....I worked a lot. I went shopping on Friday with my sister...I was so excited because I got some good sales. I found a skirt for $3 and a pair of shoes for $10. Saturday night I went to Fredericksburg to hang out with Jenn, Nick, and Pat. I'm glad I went down there...I had fun barhopping. Buffalo Mo's was a bust because the bartender Steve wasnt there. I love him because he hooks me up with drinks laced with alcohol. Sunday was a highlight...I went to Baltimore to see Edenpark with Pat. Those guys dont know how much I love them...it's love like you have for a brother. John....Edenpark's bitch has a need to spread my gossip around to the rest of the band members. Barry came up to me and told me to watch out about going home with "strange men" and BBS proceed to lecture me about my actions. Next time there is a guy I'm going to give him the "Cock Test" which BBS told me about. Actually I take that beck about brotherly love...if BBS wasnt married I think I would make my move. He seems to be extra jumpy around me and reminds me all the time that he's a married man. Sunday night I talked to Teresa who is home from Richmond for 2 weeks before school starts back up. Right now I'm heading out to go eat Korean Food with the "Asian Invasion" aka Teresa and Una