Wednesday, September 18, 2002

MOUSETRAP was awesome this past weekend. Scarlet, Aaron, Erin, Anna, and I got crazy on the dance floor. Scarlet, Aaron, and I kept making up funny dance moves. They played some of the best music that I have heard there...all my favorites!!! On the way home I made friends with some guy in a limo...he asked us to come party with him yet he refused to tell me why they were in the limo. I said crude some crude stuff to him because I thought that he was the only person in the limo...what else are you suppose to do in a limo other than masturbate....excuse me "do your homework"?? Last night was a weird night for reasons I will be keeping to myself. All I have to say is that work is a bitch...right Scarlet? Mike dont worry I'm not mad at know I have undieing love for you! Well today I think I'm going to hang out with Vera's friend from high school, Andy. I have an interview tomorrow at Covance Lab.
PS. Saturday is my 22nd better said me money, sexual favors, or some other gifts...JUST KIDDING!