Saturday, September 28, 2002

Top 10 Events From Last Night At Spirits Hanging Out With Pat And Scarlet:
1. Playing Pool With Jeff and Mark (Scarlet and Jeff Dominated The Table)
2. Seeing Chris and Tim From Work At Spirits (Something About Singing Weezer Songs And Bonding Over Kohl's)
3. Seeing Snoop Dog At The Bar
4. Blue Motorcycles, Sex On The Beach, Amaretto Sours, And Miller Lite
5. Getting A Hug From Anthony A Spirits Regular
6. Arguing About Not Being A Regular With A Spirits Regular
7. Spanking John (AKA Fred Vegas)
8. Bonding Over Alkaline Trio
9. "Give Me A Dollar To Walk By" Umm Will A Kiss On Your Hand Be Better
10. Bonding With Ben At Denny's And Scarlet Getting Fed

Tonight is Indie Pop Dance NIght at the Blackcat...I'm so excited!!!